Soros Fund Management Careers

Soros Fund Management Careers have just become much harder to obtain. So unless you really have what it takes, you might want to try other funds like: Two Sigma, D.E. Shaw or Citadel. George Soros has closed the Quantum Fund to outside investors and is going to run it purely as a family office. Furthermore, recent market volatility has prompted Soros to build up a 75% cash position in his hedge fund portfolio. This means he has much less need for portfolio managers, traders, analysts and front, mid and back office staff. So if you want to land a job at Soros Fund Management, you’ll have to be that much more exceptional than the already highly exception people that it already has.

The Exceptional Talent At Soros Fund Management
Some extremely remarkable people have passed through the doors of Soros Fund Management. Names like Jim Rogers, Stanley Druckenmiller and Victor Niederhoffer all come to mind. Jim Rogers made a killing back in the 1980s and retired at a very young age after doing quite well at Soros’ Quantum Fund. Druckenmiller left to start his own firm after working with Soros to put on Quantum’s massive wager against the British Pound that gave Soros the title of the man who broke the Bank of England. Finally, Niederhoffer, traded for Soros for a while but eventually quit while he was ahead. Soros says that Niederhoffer was the only fund manager that ever voluntarily left his firm while in the black.

Thus Soros Fund Management Jobs aren’t easy to come by because that is the bar that you are being judged by. Are you a better analyst than Rogers? Are you a better empiricist and trader than Niederhoffer? Are you a better all around portfolio manager than Druckenmiller, (a man who some feel has the analytical capabilities of Rogers, the killer instinct of Soros, the trading abilities of Niederhoffer and the gut instincts of a riverboat gambler all rolled into one well oiled trading cyborg)?

Incredible Talent Won’t Be Ignored
So if you want to work at the firm of the greatest traders of all time you will have to become so exceptional that you can’t be ignored. To do this, the 10,000 hour rule to become an expert is probably just the start. But if you manage to surmount this obstacle, this high standard, you will be able to land a position at Soros Fund Management, assuming that they are still hiring. But even if they aren’t, if you are able to reach this rarefied plateau, you will be able to succeed at any investment management firm or even start and run your own financial firm successfully.

So what are you waiting for? Are you up for the challenge or will you shy away from it?