Partner Fund Management

Partner Fund Management was launched by Christopher James in 2004. It is a hedge fund management firm that runs a number of funds focused on healthcare, technology and the broader stock market. It isn’t as big as the Paulson Hedge Fund, but it is definitely as noteworthy. It is located out west in the city of San Francisco and it also employs the talents of Christopher Aristides and Brian Grossman.

Partner Fund History
Prior to starting Partner Fund, James ran Andor Capital Management. Then he launched Partner Fund with the backing of Goldman Sachs. The firm runs close to $2B in its various equity strategies.

Partner Hedge Funds
Partner Fund Management runs the following funds: Partner Fund; Partner Healthcare Fund; Partner Principal Fund; Partner Technology Fund and PFM Meritage. It tends to run a very concentrated portfolio.

Partner Fund Holdings
The firm has a heaving weighting towards Healthcare and Technology as these industries are where it has a great expertise. But it also has a fair allocation to other sectors of the stock market through its more generalized funds. Some of its top holdings include the MSCI Emerging Markets ETF, Google, Wyndham and

High Stakes Wagers
When James isn’t making large wagers in the financial markets he can be found making massive wagers in fantasy football. He is a member of a $1M fantasy football league with the likes of Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Michael Novogratz and other hedge fund heavy weights. The dues to enter the league are $100K and membership is capped at 10 members.

But the most interesting thing about this league is that the winner keeps his winnings. Instead everyone plays only for bragging rights. The winnings go to a charity started by Paul Tudor Jones called the Robin Hood Foundation. It supports a number of charitable foundations in NYC. So the real winners are the people who these charitable organizations help.