John Thomas Hedge Fund

John Thomas Hedge Fund was founded back in 1990. Thomas was the first hedge fund manager focused on Japan. In 1999 he sold his fund and worked on managing his own investments. In 2007, John Thomas launched a new hedge fund and research outfit branded as the Mad Hedge Fund Trader.

Thomas’ newest venture focuses on making large macro calls in the financial markets. He is willing to trade almost every instrument under the sun from the Yen to the grains.

Thomas has quite an interesting history. He studies Biochemistry and Mathematics at U.C.L.A. back in 1974. Later he studied Japanese and worked for a Japanese money management firm. In 1977, he became a correspondent for The Economist. From there he had a series of stints in financial firms and then made complete u-turn as a pilot for the Marines. After that, it was back to the financial world.