Hedge Fund Manager Salary 2012

Who will secure the highest hedge fund manager salary of 2012? Last year Ray Dalio topped the list by taking home a cool $3.9 billion. Not a bad paycheck for a year’s worth of work.

Other great picks for top earning hedge fund manager of 2012, would include the likes of Carl Icahn who was runner up in 2011 and perennial favorite James Simons who always seems to take home a few billion a year, even when coming in at third place in 2011.

Did you know that Simons managed to take home $2.1 billion despite being retired? I guess being a top hedge fund manager pays well even in retirement.

Would you believe that the average paycheck of the top 25 hedge fund managers in the world was a staggering $576 million? Well it’s true. And this amount of money would buy you a small island like Lanai, which is in the neighborhood of what non-hedge fund manger, Larry Ellison, is believed to have paid for 98% of his very own Hawaiian tropical paradise.

One fund manager who is not likely to make the list of top earners in 2012 is John Paulson. He has to make up losses of 30% to 50% in order to get above his high water marks. Keep in mind that he has to generate this level of return before he makes any money at all. So, to generate a billion dollar payday he would probably need to make 50% to 100%, which is possible, but not likely.

But stranger things have happened in the past. So don’t count him out either.

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