Hedge Fund Manager Retires at Ripe Old Age of 38

It’s tough being a hedge fund manager. John Arnold decided to shutdown his bloomberg terminal at the ripe old age of 38. The former Enron trader and owner of Centaurus Advisors has returned investor money and decided to retire with $3.5 billion in the bank. It’s a tough life indeed. According to HuffPo:

That’s the true story of former star Enron trader John Arnold, who most recently worked as a hedge fund manager. He’s decided to shut down his firm Centaurus Advisors and return investor money, retiring at the ripe old age of 38, according to The New York Times. Arnold rose to prominence at now disgraced Enron for his natural gas trading prowess. After avoiding accusations of wrongdoing during the firm’s accounting scandal, Arnold went on to net triple digit returns with Centaurus Advisors, which he started in 2002. Now worth an estimated $3.5 billion, he’s one of wealthiest hedge fund managers in the U.S., according to Forbes (h/t The Daily Mail).

The article goes on to say that Arnold has retired to pursue other interests. My only hope is that those other interests don’t entail taking over the world and a pool of sharks with lasers mounted on their heads.

At least Arnold’s retirement lifestyle will probably be much more fun than that of his former Enron colleagues. The article goes on to say:

Arnold will join a number of former Enron colleagues who are no longer working, albeit for very different reasons. Former CEO Jeffrey Skilling will continue to serve a 24-year federal prison sentence after losing an appeal last month on charges of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Andrew Fastow, Rex Shelby and Richard Causey, all other Enron executives, have all spent time at a Houston halfway house, finishing out sentences of various lengths related to the scandal.