Hedge Fund Legend Julian Robertson on the Hedge Fund Industry

Julian Robertson is the mack daddy of the hedge fund industry and a legend in his own time. After multiple decades his fund got caught on the wrong side of the technology bubble and shutdown, but he was ultimately proven right. Over at MarketFolly they have posted a great interview with this legendary hedge fund manager with the southern drawl. Some of the highlights:

Robertson says, “the hedge fund business is tougher today than it was 15 years ago… there’s more hedge funds in the business.  And hedge funds are the toughest competition for other hedge funds.”

On where he sees value, the Tiger Management man says you can probably find some in Europe right now, even though there are obvious problems (though he didn’t mention any specific names).

When Robertson speaks the hedge fund industry would be wise to listen. On a side note, who do you think would win in an arm wrestling contest between Soros and Robertson?